Who We Are

We understand our customers' diverse needs

Patiently flourishing, privately held

We value our distinctive characteristics and autonomy as a business. It provides us with the freedom to offer our customers the best. While we are known for investing in alternative assets, we also provide more traditional assets, for example, shares. We are gradually exploring co-investment opportunities with our customers in order to achieve our shared goals.

An investment partnership

We work with those whose values we share, aligning our collective interests and goals in a methodical and thoroughly entrepreneurial way. We allow our clients to speak out for themselves and this is how we have been able to attract clients and secure the best investments for them.

We are Dieter Hans-Werner Anzock

Our investment group is independent and private. We have acknowledged the potential for new and alternative investment ideas to secure consistent returns in order to maintain, protect and grow your capital.

Key numbers

Investment strategies


Assets Under Management (AUM)

As of 31 January 2006. Dieter Hans-Werner Anzock was first based in Germany. UK operations began in 2011.

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