Responsible investments

We recognize the value thorough and careful decision making could add to returns. It is our duty to have a positive effect on what we do. We take accountable investment seriously.

To inform our investment selection we apply negative screening and a set of strict principles. We avoid, for instance, any company involved in weapon manufacturing, nuclear power, or children’s labor companies. We accept the need for financial goals to be aligned with responsible investment–by both institutional and private clients.

This can mean, as real estate investors, improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the buildings they invest in. These improvements contribute to demand, attract tenants and enhance leasing profiles. This can mean access to a purpose-built Shariah compliance structure as investors in aviation finance. The value-based structure uses exclusive screens and prevents over-leveraging investments.

As private equity or debt investors, this means engaging –and investing in–select companies or assets that support innovation and aim to have a positive impact. As equity investors, this means actively involving companies participating in voting for shareholders to influence the behavior of the company.

We are a dedicated member of the New City Initiative to raise awareness of the contribution of small businesses to the economy and society as a whole, who are positive and stabilizing.

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