Legal policies

For legal terms and conditions and other relevant policies, please see below. Should you have any questions on any of our policies, or require any further information, please contact us. 


Your privacy is important to us. We aim to provide clear information about how we use your personal information, take steps to keep it secure and protect it from misuse, comply with all applicable data protection laws and regulations and co-operate with data protection authorities.

Full details of how we collect and store information are available in our privacy policy.


Most websites use cookies to identify users and improve their browsing experience. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to a user’s device by websites that the user visits. We use cookies to provide you with a better online experience and, in particular, tell us how and when pages of our website are visited, any technology preferences and whether our website functions properly.

Full details on the cookies we use and how we use them are available in our cookie policy. 

Client categorisation

We are a regulated firm and, as such, our investments are only designed for certain types of clients: professional clients and eligible counterparties. We do not have permission to deal with retail clients.

At any time, you have the right to request a different categorisation, however this may impact what we can offer and the level of protection that a different categorisation would entail.

To find out more about the clients we deal with and how they are categorised, please see client categorisation.

Conflicts of interest

As a financial services provider, we recognise that conflicts of interest are inherent in the kind of business we undertake. It is therefore essential that we are able to identify actual or potential conflicts of interest and manage them fairly and appropriately. We aim to avoid or control any situations that could negatively affect our clients. Full details on how we manage conflicts are available in the conflicts of interest policy.

Anti-bribery and corruption policy

We are committed to acting fairly, ethically and with integrity. We do not to engage in, or tolerate, bribery or corruption in any form within our business or within the organisations we deal with. This is not just a cultural commitment, it is a legal requirement. 

The policy has been adopted at all levels of our organisation, including our directors and our staff. We place the utmost importance on the policy and we adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to acts of bribery and corruption. All our employees are required to comply with the policy, and are expected to act in accordance with its provisions when carrying out work on our behalf.  



Last updated: Jan 2018

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